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The 7th Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival introduces a new, competitive section, “2Narrate or Not”. As always, the quality of the film programming remains at the core of our cinephile presence. This diverse program comprises nine films which invite us to either follow their narrative thread or to enjoy them as audiovisual experiences.

In these hard times, we are very lucky to have as our partner company Authorwave, who was kind enough to offer a very generous award to the film that will be chosen by the jury. The director of the winning film will receive free post-production services for her or his next film. And of course, it will be a great pleasure for us to screen this film in a future edition of the Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival.

The films of this program were selected from an anthropological point of view, with an eye always on people, either close up (family life, relationships) or in a panning shot (public spaces, work environments). We hope the discourse between the films and the audience will go on for a long time.

Nina Veligradi

Nathan Silver and Kia Davis in "Exit Elena" a Konec Films produc
Oct 2013
Friday / 22:00

Exit Elena

Fiction, USA, 2012, Video file With no place to call home, 19-year-old Elena takes a job as a live-in aide. … Read more →

Oct 2013
Saturday / 22:00

You Make Me Feel So Young

EUROPEAN PREMIERE You Make Me Feel So Young Fiction, USA, 2013, Video File Twenty-something Justine follows her boyfriend Zach (played … Read more →

Oct 2013
Sunday / 18:00

People’s Park

Documentary, USA-China, 2012, DCP The directors took their camera and created a 78-minute single shot observation of life and human activity … Read more →

Oct 2013
Monday / 22:00


Documentary, Portugal, 2013, DCP “Lacrau demands the return “to the curve where man got lost” in a journey from the city … Read more →

Oct 2013
Tuesday / 20:00

Time Goes By Like a Roaring Lion

Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe/Time Goes By Like a Roaring Lion Documentary, Germany, 2013, DCP According to Heidegger, time should … Read more →

Oct 2013
Wednesday / 22:00


Fiction, France, 2012, DCP With  Kelyna Lecomte, Alain Sabras, Marie Delmas Highly independent, four-year-old Nana spends time in the countryside with … Read more →

America_val massadian_
Oct 2013
Wednesday / 22:00


Experimental, France, 2013, DCP   One Place - One Boy - One Day - One Shot - One Wheel – of Film   Valérie Massadian After … Read more →

Oct 2013
Thursday / 22:00

Avanti Popolo

Fiction, Brazil, 2012, DCP With André Gatti, Carlos Reichenbach The story of a father and son who reconnect after 30 … Read more →

2NA_Leviathan still
Oct 2013
Friday / 22:00


Documentary, USA-France- UK, 2012, DCP A groundbreaking, immersive portrait of the contemporary com- mercial fishing industry, filmed off the coast of … Read more →

Oct 2013
Friday / 23:30


Fiction with documentary elements, France, 2012, DCP With Andréa Brusque, Julia Auchynnikava How much does a dream cost? Two women in their … Read more →

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