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“A journey into the magical world of the films of Georges Méliès”

Through a two-hour educational programme, children will become acquainted with the work and secrets of pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès.

Workshop conducted by Damianos Voganatsis (filmmaker/teacher) and Ismini Roussou (theatrologist-drama educator), with the collaboration of Tania Vazelaki (film preserver)

Thursday 17th October-Friday 25th October at the Greek Film Archive, 48, Iera Odos GR-10435 Kerameikos Athens

Time: 9.30-11.30 am every day excluding weekends

Who may apply: Groups of primary school children (grades 4th to 6th)
Maximum Number of Participants: 50 children per workshop

Reservations: 210 3612046 ext 0112

Supported by Patakis Publishing House


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